Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Guide and Review

A Bluetooth speaker is an amplifier or loudspeaker that has Bluetooth wireless connectivity that can be paired with Cell phones, computers or other Bluetooth enabled devices. They come in various sizes and models to suit specific needs and individual preference. Bluetooth speakers are designed to receive digital audio streams from the host device (usually, Bluetooth enabled). A portable Bluetooth speaker is worth considering for your home or outdoor adventure. Some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers may come as rechargeable models or use replaceable batteries. There are a lot of products available on the market, and frankly, it's hard to tell some of them apart, or which of them would offer great efficiency. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers you should look out for, for better sound experience. Get in touch-

Recommended Products

1. UE Boom 2 Phantom wireless mobile Bluetooth speaker

The UE Boom 2 is a wireless Bluetooth device and one of the best portable options available in the market today. It is a mobile Bluetooth speaker designed for the best sound experience, especially with your mobile device. It offers great sound, usually loud with deep bass. This device is waterproof, shockproof and an amazingly long battery life (up to 15 hours). The Bluetooth wireless range is about a hundred ft which make it ideal for your outdoor activities. However, the rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles.

2. FUGOO Sport - Portable Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The FUGOO Sports portable, a rugged Bluetooth wireless speaker, is another great product worth considering if you are looking to get a good quality portable speaker. Its most remarkable feature is its amazing 40 hours battery life. This means that with 50% loudness; you can use this device consistently for more than a whole day. It also features a built-in microphone for best sound results. This device is snow proof and sand proof, meaning you can take it out on the beach. It is also waterproof to 3ft for 30 minutes. The FUGOO Sport portable Bluetooth device also allows for three different mounting options. It comes with a mount pack, accessory pack and remote control.

3. Creative Muvo Mini Pocket-Sized Weather Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

The creative Muvo mini pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker is yet another portable speaker worth considering, especially if you are on a budget. It is a very affordable Bluetooth speaker, and it features NFC for fuss-free connectivity. This compact size speaker can deliver loud bass and a remarkable sound. This device also has teleconferencing capability as you can answer your calls from your Bluetooth enabled device while on the speaker. It is also water and dust resistant, ultra portable and one the best Bluetooth speakers you would get for its price.


Final words

Bluetooth speakers are great especially if you want a quick and easy way to play music around your home or office. They are very convenient, and some of the best ones offer quality sound to improve your experience. However, if you are thinking of getting the portable Bluetooth speaker from , you should carefully consider the options recommended above as they are among the most efficient devices you would get in the market.